Non-nuclear slurry density meter

Next Generation Eco-Friendly Ultrasonic Slurry Density Meter (SDM ECO)

Discover the cutting-edge eco-friendly non-nuclear slurry density meter powered by HART technology. Experience improved communication, accurate density measurements, and enhanced process optimization. Explore the benefits of this advanced solution for mining, dredging, and more.

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Unveiling the Power of Ultrasonic Density Meters: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023.

Discover the fascinating world of ultrasonic density meters and their versatile applications in industries such as mining, chemical processing, and oil and gas. Explore the cutting-edge features of the Rhosonics SDM, a leading ultrasonic density meter, and learn how it revolutionizes real-time density measurement. Gain insights into installation options, benefits, and the future of density monitoring. Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth exploration of this groundbreaking technology.

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The SDM is Non-nuclear Durable Water and dust-proof Accurate

The SDM ECO uses new sensor technologies including

Ideal for various setups, including half-filled pipes.

Real-Time Monitoring
The SDM ECO delivers instant, accurate density readings, essential for efficient process control.
Durable Design
With abrasion-resistant sensors, the SDM ECO thrives in rough industrial environments.
User-Friendly Interface
Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen, the device is exceptionally easy to operate.
Safe and Sustainable
Utilizing non-nuclear technology, it ensures safety and environmental compliance.

Density measurement

A recent deployment at Grupo Mexico’s mining plant has demonstrated the SDM ECO’s robust performance, accurately measuring slurry density in a tailings thickener underflow. The result? Enhanced process optimization in a safer, more sustainable manner.

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Features of all Rhosonics ultrasonic analysers.

In-process control whether measuring density with the SDM or liquid concentration with any of the other Rhosonics ultrasonic analysers. All use the power of ultrasonic wave velocity to measure liquids and slurries.

No moving parts

No consumables

Calibrated at manufacture

Ultra low maintenance

Unique sensor design

Ultrasonic measurement

Ultrasonic Technology to measure liquid concentrations

Our state of the art sensors are designed for mounting directly in the pipe line, in a tank or in a by-pass stream in case of small volumes. Capable of measuring a range of industrial chemicals in solution including acids, bases, COD, metals and more.

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Realtime process control from ultrasonic analysers.

Ultrasonic measurement technology outperforms traditional methods of analysis. Quicker, more durable, lower maintenance and inline.

8500 Series

8500 Series

For acids and bases including H2SO4, NaOH and more...

9100 Series

9100 Series

For beer and wort analysis.

9500 Series

9500 Series

For online COD measurement in food and brewing applications

9600 Series

9600 Series

For online density and TSS measurement in slurries

SDM ECO Series

SDM ECO Series

Non-nuclear Slurry density analyers.

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Realtime data which can adjust the chemicals immediately.

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Aqueous solutions
Measurement of aqueous solutions, i.e. dissolved solids like: chemicals, acids, alkalines, alcohol, salts, oils.
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Food and beverage
Food & Beverages, like dairy, beer, dough, juices, alcohol, acids.
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Continuous measurement
Ternary liquids, simultaneous continuous measurement of mixed chemicals, i.e. electrolytes, pickling acids and other acid & salt mixtures.
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Slurry density measurement
Slurries – Suspended Solids measurement, simultaneous TSS, TDS and density analysis in slurries.

The NEW SDM ECO, Slurry Density Meter

This SDM which is new to our product line and is highly suitable for density analysis in many kinds of slurries.

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Winner of the mining excellence award.

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Typical applications include: Concentrated Acid/Alkali, Glycols in water, Mining slurries, Electroplating, Brewing, Paper mills – send us an enquiry for your application.

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