9100 Series

Beer and Wort Analysers

Beer and Wort analysers. Designed to monitor product quality in beer brewing.

9100 Series

Solutions for a modern brewery

The 9100 series analysers provide an on site, drift free process information throughout the beer brewing process. Thanks to almost 20 years of intensive research and experience in breweries, the 9100 series is capable of offering analysers which meet the extremely high demands of modern beer brewing. Specific hybrid sensor technology has been developed to provide added functions, like the measurement of suspended solids, while improving stability in processes under non-ideal conditions.

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9100 Series Beer and Wort Analysers

The 9100 Series is dedicated to measuring wort extract concentration only. The new non-linear regression provides accurate inline analysis regardless of temperature, in the complete range of up to 25 ºC and above.

Mash Tun
Wort clearing
Boiling wort
Cold wort
The 9100 Series Analysers of Rhosonics Analytical, combine these great features with modern sensor technology, to provide accurate, long lasting and drift free analysis of brewing products.

9100 Series features

Very low cost of ownership
Storage of 255 wort types.
High degree of accuracy and reproducibility
Totally Maintenance free
On site, spool and wafer sensor technology
High-end software technology that is easy to operate
Alarm set points
Data logging
Supports various communication protocols, including Modbus, Profibus & HART

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