Non-nuclear slurry density meter

Next Generation Eco-Friendly Ultrasonic Slurry Density Meter (SDM ECO)

The all-new and non-atomic slurry density meter which uses HART technology for improved communication.

The SDM is Non-nuclear Durable Water and dust-proof Accurate

The SDM ECO uses new sensor technologies like..

Ideal for various setups, including half-filled pipes.

Real-Time Monitoring
The SDM ECO delivers instant, accurate density readings, essential for efficient process control.
Durable Design
With abrasion-resistant sensors, the SDM ECO thrives in rough industrial environments.
User-Friendly Interface
Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen, the device is exceptionally easy to operate.
Safe and Sustainable
Utilizing non-nuclear technology, it ensures safety and environmental compliance.

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Resilient, reliable and accurate

Our all-new SDM has just a single sensor, employing a unique measuring technology. This enables very accurate density measurements in light to very dense slurries. Making it the most reliable choice every time.

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This SDM which is new to our product line and is highly suitable for density analysis in many kinds of slurries. This product differentiates itself with its unique sustainable technology and its particular design for dredging and mineral processing applications.

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