Non-nuclear slurry density meter

Introducing the ultransonic Slurry Density Meter (SDM)

The all-new and non-atomic slurry density meter which uses HART technology for improved communication.

The SDM is Non-nuclear Durable Water and dust-proof Accurate

The SDM uses new sensor technologies like..

The unique ceramic material on the sensor tip gives the probe better ultrasonic properties resulting in stronger and more intense signal. Built to last in even the toughest applications such as mining and dredging.
Compact design
Lightweight and modular, the SDM consists of three parts which are all mounted directly on the pipe. No cables between the electronics and the sensor means it is easy to install and maintain.
Ease of use
All the SDM needs is a single point calibration. The simple user interface makes this easy or the SDM can be controlled remotely via a HART communication protocol.

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Density measurement

The SDM is lightweight, needs no supports and suffers no effects from vibrations. With the IP68 housing, the SDM is well protected against water and dust making it ideal for quarries, mining and dredging applications. Find out more about the SDM and its installation in this video.


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Find out more by downloading the SDM brochure below

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Resilient, reliable and accurate

Our all-new SDM has just a single sensor, employing a unique measuring technology. This enables very accurate density measurements in light to very dense slurries. Making it the most reliable choice every time.

Uses integrated HART protocol

Our Slurry Density Meter has its sensor, analyser, cables and software integrated with just one system. Allowing this new density meter to weigh less than its predecessor. In addition to this, the ‘HART’ protocol is integrated to improve communication. The SDM has new sensor material and is, therefore, suitable for new and more challenging applications.

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This SDM which is new to our product line and is highly suitable for density analysis in many kinds of slurries. This product differentiates itself with its unique sustainable technology and its particular design for dredging and mineral processing applications.

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